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DisplayWork JAVA Embedded Network Controller series are small but mighty Application Ready Platforms for your networked Applications. Without hard disk and fan, our Data Acquisition and Control modules meet the industrial most robust environmental conditions, while leveraging on its embedded JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and standard JAVA language programming support through "Slush", a UNIX like command shell interface. Slush, while supporting multi-threaded and multi-user environments, also provides conveniences such as network accessibilities such as Telnet and FTP via Ethernet (RJ-45) TCP/IP.

Key Built-In Features which includes Web server, FTP server, Telnet server and NFS server ensures that DisplayWork JAVA Embedded Network Controller Modules are "network-ready" for the future of IT and communication industry.

While common standard application and drivers are available for free, specific application programs can easily be developed using standard JAVA and the provided SDK.

JAVA, being a higher-level language compared to C/C++, provides superior memory and IO management. With OS and Application programs on board ROM and battery backed RAM (guaranteed for 10 years), users can be assured of a robust operating system with high speed access, without risk of data loss due to power failure.


  • Work over existing TCP/IP connection on various sites and locations.

(Partno : M001)