Manufacturing System

Manufacturing System can be defined as a set of procedures in controlling business activities carried out by company especially projects, works or tasks undertaking in order to assess the profitability of each projects carried out as well as to ascertain cost and expenditure attributable to that particular project. On top of that, it also functions as a budgetary tools.


  • Real time update for daily job / tasks under a project

  • Scheduling process included as plan and actual production planning for tracking and decision making

  • Gantt chart available for project or job timeline

  • Provide preventive maintenance and useful reporting for budgetary purpose on the job /project

(Partno : 01 012 000C)

Manufacturing Architecture
Manufacturing architecture helps companies leverage Service on Demand according to their business needs. Data, Reports and Transactions from companies represents way to think through a company's information assets, and define what kind of architecture is required to bring those assets to life in the form of services. It is the checklist of assets that currently exist and can be leveraged through a software platform to meet business needs and goals.

Manufacturing has been designed to be highly scalable to meet the demand for service (24/7 availability) amidst exponential growth in traffic and new service deployments. Each new innovation made to a Web site also increases the demands on the architecture, making scalability a complex interaction among the amount of traffic, the number of services, and potential visit interactions.

Manufacturing is an integrated Enterprise Suite module that works in 'plug and play' mode with other ERP module.
The system has a built in comprehensive customizable reporting tools to generate reports which is important for company's future planning and decision making.

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