Help Desk Management System

The Help Desk Management System is a web application that speeds up the process of supporting customer problem and produce an easier way of managing support activities. Through this system, customer can make a support request and keeps track of its status.
It saves a lot of time for customer because system automatically will take all customers` request. The system acts like a middle person or medium communication between customer and the supporting companies. All customer requests such as customer service request and frequently asked question (FAQ) will be recorded, and the system will distribute the request to a valid responsible person to handle the request. When the support team gets a request, he or she will respond to customer request and reply to a status for each customer request through this system. System will inform the customer about their status of their request.

Our Helpdesk Management System includes features such as:

  • Ticket Management

  • Customers/ Ticket, Request, Mail Originator

  • Web-Based Customer Access

  • Inbuilt Self-Service Software

  • Multi-channel

  • Ticket Tracking

  • Support Escalations


(Partno : 01 012 000A)

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