Help Desk Management System

Help Desk Management System is a web application that speed up the process of supporting the customer problem and also produce an easier way of managing the support. Through this system, customer can make a support request.

It save a lot of time for customer because system automatically will take all customers request. The system acts like a middle person or medium communication between customer and the supporting companies. All customer requests such as customer service request and frequently asked question (FAQ) will pass over the system.

Then system will distribute customer request to a valid responsible person to handle the request. When a responsible person gets a request, he or she will respond to customer request and reply a status for each customer request through this system. System will inform the customer about their current status of their request.

Easy to use web based, trouble ticket system provide user access to status updates, facility of trouble ticket request creation and updation, ticket configuration, routing and escalation management. Help desk troubled ticket software submit trouble tickets (form-based support requests) through your support site. Your representatives can also raise ticket on behalf of customers. As a result, you can support multiple channels of communication and store tickets generated via email, phone or support site. Helpdesk Management System (HDMS) Ticket enables your team to track, route and manage customer support requests. As a result, your support organization will provide efficient, superior service, raising customer satisfaction and retaining satisfied and loyal customers.

Through this interface your customers can perform a number of actions like Customer Helpdesk, Self-Help, Trouble Ticket Generation, Ticket Updation and Tracking, Profile Management and FAQ. Your customers can send you requests via email, fax, phone, live chat. All the email request are automatically logged into the helpdesk and their unique ticket number is generated, customers can keep track channels through your online helpdesk thereby making your organization completely customer centric.

Allow customers to view their own personal online help history of all service requests via your support portal.

Create a new ticket of cases.

HDMS Self Help will suggest best possible answer to them (You can switch ON and OFF this feature from Control Panel). If they are not satisfied with the answer they can create a ticket. More details on HDMS Self Service.

All requests coming via mail can automatically be created as tickets. Tickets created by your representatives on behalf of customers (in case of phone call, fax, or postal mail) shall also be shown in this interface. Your customer will able to see all the tickets from any channel through a single interface. Read more about inbuilt state of the art email response management software module.

Customers will able to track all pending tickets via help desk. They can also review all the closed ticket. At any time customer can: Update a Ticket, Cancel a Ticket, Change Status from Fixed to Close and Re-Open a Ticket.

The system features multilevel support escalation. Technical support team can escalate the unresolved ticket to a higher level team support team.

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