Financials System

Take a comprehensive approach to financial and management accounting with our integrated solution for finance and controlling. Our financial system helps you to reduce risk and create a predictable path for the future, with support for everything from General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Analysis Reporting, Treasury to Audit.

Our financial system helps you to improve your decision making with deeper insights from real-time accounting information and also monitor and reduce your costs. The system also helps to optimize your working capital, liquidity, cash, and returns.

General Ledger module is considered the core module of the Financials System. Most of the Financials modules provide transaction data into the general ledger for financial reporting purposes. This module provides a standard process of posting transactions both internal and external to the module. It keeps transaction data such as inflow and outflow every items related to financials. Basic processes included in this module of the system are Chart of Accounts, General Journal Entry, Transaction Journal, Consolidation and Currency Issues.

Another core module of the system is the Account Receivables. This module supports the major processes of automating the cash application process by matching cash to billed invoices through the Payment Predictor and Approval Systems. The system has the capability to generate Creditor Summary, Creditor Statement, Customer Statement and Other Report to help your Cash Collection Process. This system also has the ability to enter manual items and to bring over billed items and support the creation of the appropriate journal entries based on the transaction within the system, including posting and aging of outstanding inventory. A cash reconciliation process is also provided.

Another core module of the system is the Account Payable. This module is actually an opposite process of account receivable module. This module supports the procure-to-pay process. It tracks the payment of the item back to vendor and provides means to ensure that proper payments are made at the right time. Two key features found in this module are the Vendor and Matching. The system has the capability to maintain key vendor information including payment terms and conditions and other key data necessary to support payment of an invoice to a vendor. Account payable matching process is to enable the company to track and ensure that adequate payments are made for items that actually are requested.

This system enables organization to sort and evaluate financials performance and enhance decision process. This module is designed with the flexibility for the users to customize their own reporting format and modify the existing delivered report. By designed nature, the module is fully integrated with workplace environment.

Treasury module provides automation of Corporate Cash Flows related to Receipts, Disbursements, Debt and Investment. The main objective of having this system is to manage the bank transaction and reconciliation. The module provides the ability to perform bank reconciliation and allow you to reconcile receipts and disbursement and banking fees. The system has the capability to generate Cash Flow Status Report, Bank Reconciliation Report and Others Report to help your Cash Management.

All Financials System Modules are designed with built in audit features that support transaction audit trail. With Audit Module, user can analyze previous transaction hystories.

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Financials System core modules can be segmented into 6 different groups

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