Contract Management System

Contract Management System is an enterprise level contract management tracking solution. It is designed to streamline your entire contract tracking process - from creation to completion. It is designed to reduce your contract expenses, increase your margins, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Contract Web is extremely mature and is based on years of client input. Our contract software offers an easy-to-use interface, custom fields, customer reports, online calendar, e-mail alerts, and a centralized repository. It is web-enabled and can be deployed on any operating system that runs a current web browser.


  • Online accessibility with more secure and effective tracking process

  • Produce latest contract information and status for the organization

  • Reduce cost of ownership as process time is speeding up ; only run on web browser without deploying on any other operating system

(Partno : 01 012 00C9)

CMS Architeture
Contract Management's Smart Template and advanced document hierarchy technologies simplify management of contracts across the enterprise while flexible role and
organizational hierarchy based security ensures each user has access to the documents and functionality they need.

Contract Management's wizard-like contract request function allows less sophisticated users to initiate complex contracting activities quickly and easily.

Contract management functions, including event, compliance, performance, delivery and risk tracking, assessment and management maximize the value of business agreements through the entire lifecycle.

Contract Management also offers an extremely powerful forms module UpsideForms.

This optional module allows users to define their own forms for data capture and integrates them with the contracting process from the issuance of an RFX through the creation of the contract and subsequently the invoicing against those contracts

Ultimately streamlining the contract lifecycle. Below are modules that related to the contract information:

a) Bank Guarantee
b) Insurance
c) Variation Order
d) Penalty

The system is by nature is a multi tier environment with option to customer to choose solution between scalability, performance and cost .

The entire system can be deployed in 2 choices of approaches:

-Local host server
-Remote central host with local control data mirroring

System maintenance is no longer a big task.
The system has built in maintainability feature that make it robust and requires much less maintenance compared to conventional client server or other web base systems.

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