Asset Management System

Asset Management System is a Web Application to manage asset information and current status. It will manage the basic information including the date of purchase, owner and other information.
This system will control all property for each asset from its location and it has a process call audit that will check the validity of each asset.

This module will manage all location related to the asset. Each location can have one or many sub location and the level deep is unlimited. Each asset only can have ONE location. Each location has information such as Location ID, Name, Description, Location Creator, Location Owner, Contact Person, Address and Accessibility.

Asset Management is a main module in this system. Its control all asset information like Asset Name, Tag Number, Purchase/ Register Date, Purchase Value, Asset Description, Current Owner, Location and Others.

This is a process to control every asset movement based on location. The purpose is to track every assets location in order to keep the location movement history. User will know the location movement for each asset so they can track the location movement process.

There is a situation where an asset can have a different owner; it may cause by owner retirement or the other reason.
This module is to keep track the owner movement of each asset. User can know the current owner and also how much owner movement related to each asset.

Audit is a process to verify the asset for a company. Each auditor will check the asset from various locations to check the current status for each asset in order to control company asset. Each asset can be lost, broken, upgrade, and normal. The frequent of this process is depending on company policy whether to process once a month or once a year.

(Partno : 01 012 0009)

The Architecture
The system available modules handle more than basic requirement for most medium to large companies, yet recognize the fact that some companies may have specific requirement packages, which can be customized to meet their special needs.

Smart Lab Asset Management system is a comprehensive and scalable system designed to handle the entire system information in a very systematic approach and with cost effective approach.

The key attributes that appeals to most customers is to fulfill financial reporting needs, tracking key accounting or operational information. This system primary mission is to promote continuous business growth.

Asset Management system is built on the latest technological platform that makes use of Internet as the main backbone medium of the operation.

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