With WorkPlace, Enterprise Resource Planning is now made easy and efficient. Workplace enables users to login from anywhere around the world making mobility an advantage to our customers. WorkPlace offers personalized and configurable daily communication tools such as email, instant memo, company group messaging, bulletin boards, instant management, favorite links, personal calendar, appointments and many more.

WorkPlace is no ordinary platform, built to be integrated with the business suite applications, WorkPlace is a very powerful tool that helps our clients to run their business processes. Tailored to your needs and capacity, Workplace is offered in both client server based as well as web based.


  • Can be access anywhere and at any place

  • Integrated Email System

  • Location Identifier: Block access from unknown location

  • User Access Authorization: Different level of system access & usage

  • Intra company real time text conferencing

  • New Application Development Enable: Every new application can be reside on Workplace.

  • Company`s News & Events

  • Calendaring System: Appointment, meeting & events management

  • Easy Login Management: Single login for every application

  • Cost Effective: No extra hardware installation required

  • Hassle free system maintenance

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Benefit of Workplace
Workplace is designed to act as a communication medium for companies. No matter where the employees are, Workplace will become a virtual office for them. Bundled with real Internet email application, text conferencing and Bulletin Board, Workplace™ is a one-stop communication center that companies could not resist .

Workplace platform makes it easier for companies to leverage their information assets into services. The platfrom provides the companies' system developers or any developers to develop a new application to reside on Workplace without any restriction.

The Architecture
Workplace architecture helps companies leverage Service on Demand according to their business needs. Data, Reports and Transactions from companies represents way to think through a company`s information assets, and define what kind of architecture is required to bring those assets to life in the form of services. It is the checklist of assets that currently exists and can be leveraged through a software platform to meet business needs and goals.

Workplace has been designed to be highly scalable to meet the demand for service (24 / 7 availability) amidst exponential growth in traffic and new service deployments. Each new innovation made to a website also increases the demands on the architecture, making scalability a complex interaction among the amount of traffic, the number of services, and potential visit interactions.